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Promise Keepers
Promise Keepers is a Christ-Centered Ministry
Dedicated to Uniting Men through Vital Relationships
to Become Godly Influences in Their World.

God's Calling
God's Calling is a daily devotional. You can see it at the following link.

American Baptist Churches, USA
American Baptist Men's Ministries reaches men and boys for Christ through Missions, Evangelism, and Nurturing. Our Disaster Relief ministry features a fleet of trailers nationwide, mobilized instantly by volunteers for clean-up, repair, and rebuilding. ABBoys & Young Men is a mentoring ministry that connects American Baptist men with boys and teens, bringing them to faith in Christ and nurturing them to spiritual maturity and leadership development. We also reach out through conferences, retreats and events of ministry and outreach.
Contact American Baptist Churches, USA at:

Assemblies of God (Honor Bound: Men of Promise)
Honor Bound Men's Ministries serves as the men's ministries arm of the General Council of the Assemblies of God. HonorBound is dedicated to growing godly men through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to see ordinary men become men of honor in Christ, baptized in the Holy Spirit, active in evangelism, committed to a lifetime of discipleship, and supportive of the local church. Utilizing printed materials, training seminars, conferences, and ministry partnership, HonorBound is committed to giving churches the tools and resource needed to grow godly men and help men become all that God is calling to be.
Contact HonorBound: Men of Promise at:

Building Brothers
The purpose of Building Brothers is, to serve the Church as it calls and equips its men in their pursuit of God. By entering into a partnership with a community of churches and walking beside them as they build an effective men's ministry leadership core group. This will be accomplished through providing interactive training in the foundational principles of men's ministry and providing interactive tools to help each church core team discover and become what God is calling them to become.
Contact Building Brothers at:

Church of God of Prophecy / Salt & Light Men?s Ministry

"You are the salt of the earth ? You are the light of the world ?"(Matthew 5:13,14) God is calling this generation of men to be a godly influence in a corrupt society. Our vision is for a vital men's ministry in every local church in the Church of God of Prophecy. A vital ministry is one which consistently provides a life-giving flow of ministry to the needs of men, while at the same time involving them in ministry to others. The source of the vitality is the Holy Spirit in and through anointed local leadership. Contact the Church of God of Prophecy / Salt & Light Men?s Ministry at:

Dad the Family Shepherd
Since 1984 Dad the Family Shepherd has been inspiring and training men to build their confidence as Biblical dads. Over 100,000 men from every state and eight foreign countries have attended Dad the Family Shepherd conferences and seminars. The small group ministry of DFS called E-Teams (Encouragement Teams) has helped men to work with each other to maintain their promises to be faithful fathers and husbands. Small group books and tapes make meetings productive and fun. Contact Dad the Family Shepherd at:

Dr. Edwin Louis Cole Ministry
Edwin Louis Cole is the founder and president of the Christian Men's Network, and known as "the father of the men's movement." With fifty-seven international offices serving over 210 countries, CMN ministers to tens of thousands of men each month via videotape, books and audios. In addition, Dr. Cole ministers personally through "Christian Men's Events," special seminars and personal appearances worldwide. The books he has authored have over 4 million copies in circulation in more that forty languages. Titles include: Maximized Manhood; Communications, Sex, and Money; The Unique Woman; The Potential Principle; The Sacredness of Sex; Real Man; Strong Men in Tough Times; Winners, Manhood 101, Profiles in Courageous Manhood, Absolute Answers and his most recent books The Irresistible Husband and Treasure. http://www.edcole.org

Family Guidance, Inc.
Family Guidance, Inc is a non-profit Christian organization that has been committed to helping children and families in southwestern Pennsylvania since 1964. We offer an array of services and programming that support a biblically holistic approach to family ministry. Each of our program areas offers a relational-based mentoring component that serves various elements of the family A few of our programs are: One-To-One, Y.E.S., EMBRACE, Partnership for Families, The Gathering.
Contact Family Guidance, Inc. at:

The Gathering / USA, Incorporated
The Gathering is a Christian Ministry designed to reach non-Christian men for Christ. It is a discipling ministry that is rooted in a local church and revolves around a series of citywide Outreach Breakfasts, weekly luncheons, Bible studies and individual discipling. It provides a unique opportunity for men to investigate the Christian life and how it can work for them. This exciting ministry is proving to be a very positive answer to the challenge of communication Christ in a practical and effective way. God is raising up men throughout the country who love the Lord and are committed to reaching their peers for Christ. The Gathering provides an excellent and unique approach to reaching others. The Gathering/USA is committed to help develop a Gathering ministry in any city that has a committed core group and a key church willing to give their best effort to see it happen. Contact The Gathering/USA, Inc. at:

Gordon Dalbey Ministries
A real man is a man who's real. My ministry focuses on men who want to get real with God and each other. These are sons of the Father - that is, men broken enough to confess they can't measure up to God's standard and cry out to Jesus to save them from their shame; men who don?t know what to do, but who are ready to discover who does it; men who know they?re dead without Jesus and therefore, aren?t afraid that their sins will be exposed. Contact Gordon Dalbey Ministries at:

Man Alive Ministries, Incorporated
Man Alive conferences & seminars are made up of five sessions that teach men how to open up their heart to experience the power of God in their marriage, with their children and in the workplace. Man Alive conferences & seminars are taught by Myles Gentzkow, who equips men for intimacy and impact. Man Alive conferences are perfect for men?s retreats, leadership training and men?s outreach events. Contact Man Alive Ministries at:

Men's Leadership Ministries
Men's Leadership Ministries was founded in 1990 by Dr. Steve Farrar following the release of his book, Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family. This national ministry works with local churches in cities across America to host Men's Spiritual Leadership Conferences with the mission of equipping men to be the spiritual leaders in their families, churches and communities that God has called them to be. Steve is joined at these conferences with Dove Award nominee Christian humorist and musician, Brent Lamb. God is using Steve in these conferences to teach men the practical and Scriptural leadership tools needed to effectively lead in our time of moral and spiritual crisis as we enter the new millennium.
Contact Men's Leadership Ministries at:

Ministry to Men Foundation
Ministry to Men Foundation conducts Maximum Man Conferences across America. Starting in 1982, MTM's focus is to help men to live-out their faith in the home, marketplace and community. the conference focuses on four main areas: Man and His Master, Man and His Family, Man and His Career, and Man and His Country. Attendees can choose from 20 seminars as well as learning from general session speakers. This is a layman led conference that encourages men to be more involved in the local church. The conference points men to Jesus Christ, the real Maximum Man.
Contact Ministry to Men Foundation at:

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National Center for Fathering
Strengthening Families ? and America ? by Strengthening Fathers. Our mission at the National Center for Fathering is to inspire and equip men to be better fathers. Our mission at the National Center for Fathering is to inspire and equip men to be better fathers. In response to the dramatic trend toward fatherlessness in America, the Center was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ken Canfield to conduct research on fathers and fathering and to develop practical resources for dads in nearly every fathering situation.
Contact The National Center For Fathering at:

National Coalition of Men's Ministries
Together we, the National Coalition of Men's Ministry, will help the local church present every man in America with a credible offer of the gospel of Jesus Chris, encourage them to pursue God, and equip them for spiritual service in the home, church, workplace, community and world. NCMM is a disciple making ministry to men in every church.
Contact The National Coalition of Men's Ministries at:

Real Men of Integrity
The mission of Real Men of Integrity is to arouse the church toward biblical authenticity and relational oneness so Christ is exalted in the world. (John 17:21) We have four focuses: Men's Ministry, Marital Intimacy, Pastoral Unity, State wide unity. Contact Real Men of Integrity at:

Top Gun Ministries
Top Gun Ministries is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to preparing the local church to equip, empower and deploy men in Christian service to their family, church, community and the world. Through proven Men's Small Group Studies with accountability to Leadership Resources to training conferences this church-based ministry continues to train churches and develop resources to encourage and grow men's ministries in the local church. Steve Sonderman, Associate Pastor of Men's Ministries at Elmbrook Church and founder of Top Gun Ministries, has a passion to see every local church have their own ministry to men. He regularly consults and leads training events across the country and around the world.
Contact Top Gun Ministries at:

When Men Pray (Family Foundation Fund)
The "When Men Pray" organization trains males of all ages into Godly men. "When Men Pray" gatherings, prayer camps, and seminars are open to men who want a greater understanding of God's purpose for their life through Christ.
Contact When Men Pray (Family Foundation Fund) at:

Pure Life Ministries
Pure Life Ministries is dedicated to breaking the power of sexual addiction through the truth of God's word and the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ by: Changing Lives From The Inside; Helping Hurting Wives; Equipping Church Leaders
Contact Pure Life Ministries at:

Harvest USA
Established in 1983, Harvest USA is a ministry of truth and love to those affected by pornography and homosexuality. We bring the clarity of God's Word and the power of Jesus Christ to bear on the issues of homosexuality and other sexual addictions as they powerfully impact individuals, families, churches, and institutions. We equip and empower men and women who wish to be free from homosexuality, pornography, and other sexual struggles. We offer spiritual and emotional support to families and friends affected by these issues. And we educate and train church leaders and laity relating to these critical issues in our day.
Contact Harvest USA at:

Mastering Life Ministries
A teaching/resource ministry called to equip the saints to redemptively minister to people trapped in sexual sin, both heterosexual and homosexual. We offer a Curriculum Sexual Healing, seminars and a web ministry that covers every major area of brokenness, including pornographic/sex addictions, masturbation, child sex abuse, homosexuality and more. Our materials have been written by David Kyle Foster and taught in seminars, churches and ministries inter denominationally throughout the world. Free newsletter available.
Contact Harvest USA at:

e-Sword Bible Studies

Jesus told us that since we've been blessed we should bless others. For years I have been on the receiving end of His glorious riches, and I am happy to provide this blessing to others in the form of free Bible study software!


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